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Edible Perennials

This page is to be developed further.... But in the meantime I have for sale the following fruit shrubs:


Jostaberry - cross between blackcurrant & gooseberry. Large wine-coloured fruits. Grow quickly, robust plants.



Worcesterberry - thorny, good in hedges, fruit similar to gooseberry

Buffalo currant - yellow flowers, sometimes produce edible fruit.


During January 2018, they are £5 supplied bare root (need planting soon after delivery or roots covering in soil until you are ready)

From March onwards a few may still be available bare root & thereafter they will be £7 potted.

I have a few 2 year old shrubs that are £7 potted 


Also available potted 3 cornered leek (Allium triquetrum) - great garlic flavoured leaves & flowers during winter & early spring. They spread well to cover a good area. £3


Email or phone me to place an order. They can be delivered in many areas of the South Hams by arrangement & sometimes posted. Enquire to check.


Consultancy available to advise on designing gardens, small-holdings and farms with edible & otherwise useful plants - ranging from trees and shrubs, to edible perennials, vegetables, herbs and addition of useful trees to hedegrows. 


In the summer 2018, I have planned some tours of the agroforestry project at Beeson, South Devon - a chance to see how we mimic nature to grow perennial crops, look at the wildlife pond & sample some fruit. Dates to be announced here, or drop me an email to let me know you're interested.