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Into Yoga and Nature offers weekly yoga classes, retreats, nature connection walks, wild food forages and workshops in South Devon, and elsewhere. A retreat provides the opportunity to practice yoga more deeply and to enjoy time connecting more with ourselves, others and with nature.


ClassesTeacher Liz Turner offers Vinyasa Krama yoga (the art of sequencing). This involves movements at a mindful pace coordinated with breathing. Integral to the practice is pranayama (specific breathing exercises that may help calm the nervous system, help with emotions and energise the body). The practice usually leads to a short meditation. See Classes for further information.

RetreatsOn retreats, she combines this with activities in nature, designed to help foster a greater connection with self, others and our environment.

 Photo Credit: Beatrice Williams, Alpen Retreat, Satya Loka


Make a space for yourself every week in a class to restore, strengthen, relax, breathe and be present with body and mind.

Make even more space for this on a retreat plus time in nature. Activities may include hiking, conservation tasks, wild food foraging, learning about the uses of trees/plants, outdoor cooking and yoga outdoors. Some will include ecopsychology, Goethean Science (a method of studying nature includes observation, drawing and meditation) and meditation techniques.


For sale!! 2018 Tree Calendar - featuring beautiful photographs & a Wild Food/other tree use each month. Printed on recycled card using vegetable-based inks. Photography by Liz Turner.

Just £4 for this unique limited edition. Can be delivered/collected in South Hams (& other areas) or sent in the post. P&P £1.37 for one, £1.73 for two, £2.29 for three or four. You can purchase yours here Fairmondo.


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